After The Flood, Then The Super Storm Will Strike California

Cofeetoday has posted an interesting article on this years upcoming storms

Around 100 scientists and experts warn the government about the terrifying storm in California. This could cause flooding and losses to $ 3.64 billion. The flood and the storm of course will leave a super loss for the economy in the USA, especially in California itself.

Scientists have been publishing new information and prediction about a giant storm damage potential is four to five times greater than an earthquake. Anestimated prediction loss reached U.S. $ 300 billion (USD 2.73 biliun) up to U.S. $ 400 billion (USD 3.64 biliun).

The disaster film’s plot sounds like science fiction but scientists in BMKG U.S. (United States GeologicalSurvey / USGS) has warned federal officials. Based on the geological history of California, this giant disaster ever happened in the past and adds a long list of disasters to worry about the U.S. government.

California storm threat is not active during the last 150 years. USGS Director Marcia K. McNutt told the New York Times that the Centra region; Valley as far as 300 miles of severe flooding ever in 1861-1862. Big storm ever attacked California in the year 212, 440, 603, 1029, 1418 and 1605.

“We estimate this disaster appeared 100 to 200 years in which the damage is almost equivalent to the San Andreas earthquake,” said USGS scientist Lucy Jones. This condition may get worse later than these days.

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