Innovative Art Pieces Made From Old Fire Hoses

Old fire hose can be utilized for a variety of different things, whether it be putting out a fire, or to make a unique gift. Did you stop to think about what amazing art work might produce? I bet not. Let's be honest, who stops and thinks about artwork? I hope you start thinking about it now, because it is some of the most innovative, creative and durable art work all around!

How awesome is this art? It's is an arrangement of painted steel tubing with nozzles. What is especially amazing about this piece? From one direction it might look like a playground, from another this spells out ART! This piece is at Fire Station # 3 in Las Vegas. Do you think you could do this type of art with your hose?

This is the perfect for any firefighter or fire station. The “Humble” sits so perfect in this painting. Very rarely does a firefighters look this peaceful! What a great piece of décor for any home or fire station. What an old fashion, I wonder when the last time someone picked up in the painting was? What do you think?

It's too bad Mothers Day has come and gone. This is an awesome antique made of a nozzle bracket. How awesome and creative! Not just a fire hose, but utilizing the nozzle bracket. Such a innovative idea. I bet it's not too late to get one for your dad for Fathers Day!

If you think your line is old, you need to check out this great piece, called “My Line is Old”. This would be a hefty investment, as this piece is currently selling for $2,800. What is really awesome about this piece is that it's composed of a used that is wrapped in a specific way to help create three basic shapes. That's right! Take a look at this used, you will find yourself staring at a circle, square and triangle. What a unique way to create art with.

Fire hoses for $39,00 bring fame to artist Theaster Gates. You read it correctly, brought fame and money to Chicago artist, Gates. His galleries have sold with prices ranging from $20,000-$50,000. That's some fancy art work. This collection is called “Epitaph for Civil Rights and Other Domesticated Structures”. What a great spin on contemporary art. The goal of these pieces and the rest of the collection is to reflect on black history and social inequality. Sensational pieces that have a meaning and represent a part of history, what more could you ask for? They are supposed to be representative of the infamous police hosings of civil rights demonstrators in Birmingham, Alabama. 



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