1.5" Cotton Linen Scrap Fire Hose

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Our linen & cotton scrap fire hose is truly one of a kind.  This classic style of hose is designed to be filled up with water, and with the correct amount of pressure, makes it "water tight".  However, this hose is unlined, meaning there is no rubber on the inside of the hose.  This means that when water is applied, the entire hose gets wet like a soaker.  This hose is purely made of one material.  This hose is great for movie props for films dating back to pre 1960s.  We recommend using this hose for anything that requires linen materials.  These units are very clean and have never been used.  Make sure you specify if you want the fire hose connections attached.  

  • Select with or without couplings
  • Inside diameter 1 1/2"
  • Measures 2 1/2" when flat
  • comes in in 50 feet, 75 feet, or 100 feet
  • Unlined hose (no inside rubber)
  • Tan Color
If you're in need of a different size at the same material then ask us!If there's any questions you have about this specific unit don't hesitate to call, we have all the answers you need!  We are here to help you.  

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