1.5" Cotton Jacket Rubber Lined

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This hose is robust.  This hose is ideal where a lightweight and agile actions are needed.  Very capable of holding high pressures.  The beauty of this hose is the light weight.  Don't let "lightweight" fool you, this hose is able to perform some of the most demanding needs of the user.  This hose is easily compared to the double jacket hose, because it's weaved thicker than most hoses.  Arguable just as strong, without the heavy weight.  Users describe this hose as "quick, easy, and to the point".  When you are in a tight situation, and you don't have the time to unroll an entire length of double jacket fire hose, this cotton hose works amazing.  Grab the front couplings with the nozzle, run, and the hose easily unreels and follows you to the action.  

Use for:

  • High impact wash-down
  • Time pressed situations
  • 200psi pressures acceptable
  • 1.5" NH/NST - standard fire hose couplings
  • Aluminum
  • Nozzle-ready
We have pressure tested this hose, and ensure it's operational.  

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