1.5" x 75 feet Used Single Jacket Fire Hose

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 Our strong single jacket fire hose is fully lined on the inside with clear rubber for superior performance.  The pressure rating on the hose is 200psi for working pressure and 250psi for test pressures.  Typical street pressure runs around 80-100psi.  This hose with double woven cotton & polyester is more than strong enough to handle all your wash down or pumping needs.  This hose has been tested and is guaranteed to function properly.  


Jackets - Single

Pressures - 200PSI 

Length - 75 feet 

Couplings - Aluminum / Brass (stamped)

Threads - 1.5" NH / NST 

Applications - Industrial 

Inside Liner - Rubber or polyurethane

Condition - Used

Lay-flat size - 2.5"

Weight per 50 Feet - Approx. 11lbs


The NST/NH fittings are easily adaptable to any pipe fittings, or local fire hydrants.  We can make this hose fit any size outlet, call us for details! Questions about threads? Read more here

NOTE: recommended usage for alternative applications such as irrigation and wash-down.  The 75' used fire hoses are in great condition. Many of our hoses have never been used, but tested once a year to ensure optimal function.  Our hoses are guaranteed.


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