Used Fire Hose!


                                             Operate Fire Hydrants

                                                                                   Used Fire Hose Training | Used Fire Equipment

                                                    Wash Streets

                                                                        Used Fire Hose Training | Used Fire Equipment

                                                         Much more!

  • Great for landscaping, they can be a great addition to irrigation system. 
  • Cost effective
  • Construction sites utilize for cleaning operations
  • Control dust 
  • Wash your barn, clean livestock areas
  • Wash your streets with, hook up right to your closest fire hydrant
  • Fill up water trucks 
  • Wash boat docks, line the docks with
  • Pump ditches,
  • Control flooding, divert water away from flood prone areas
  • Remove water, hook up fire hose to any sump pump, irrigation pump, trash pump
  • Pump swimming pools, hook up straight to your pool pumps
  • Create or fill up ice skate rinks