1.75" Double Jacket

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Thread                       Description
 NH  / NST  National Hose - most common hose fitting, used for fire departments connections & fire hydrants 
 NPSH / IPT  National Pipe for Straight Hose/Iron Pipe Thread - Most common standard pipe threads
 Compatible with most NPT, PVC, SIPT, IPT, NPSH
  • Condition - New (includes limited warranty)
  • Standard Color - White
  • Lining - Inside rubber lined
  • Jacket - Double Polyester
  • Couplings - Both Male & Female Ends. Choose NH or NPSH/IPT (1.5") 
  • Length - Available in 50', 75',100' or BULK 500' and 1000'
  • Diameter - 1.75"

Type Use Service Pressure Test Pressure Burst Pressure
 Double Jacket   Heavy Duty & Fire Dept.  400 psi 800 psi 1200 psi

Our double jacket hose is the strongest hose we carry.  It's ideal for heavy duty construction and fire departments, industrial wash down, and general water pumping applications where high water pressures are used. Typical hydrant and street pressure do not exceed 100psi.  Large industrial pumps and fire trucks exceed pressures of 150psi.  This hose is designed for long storage and all other heavy duty needs.  Fully rubber lined with polyester woven materials ensures this hose is resistant to holes, tears, and abrasion.  Hose is immune to mildew and does not require drying.   Choose either IPT or NH Threads.  Call us if you need special adapter needs or shipping deadlines.  +1 (510) 237-5000  Bulk Discounts Apply!

Type Use Service Pressure Test Pressure Burst Pressure
 Single Jacket   Medium Industrial  125-150 psi 250 psi 375 psi


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