1" Single Jacket Hose

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    Need a nozzle for your hose?

    If you need a fire nozzle or wash down nozzle for your 1 inch hose, you're in luck.  1" is a common nozzle size.  So most nozzles will fit directly onto your hose.  It's available in either NH (hose) or NPSH (pipe) threads. The 1" red fire nozzle listed below fits directly onto this hose and has three settings; straight stream, fog, and shut off.  Simply twist the nozzle to adjust to the water pattern you want.  The nozzle is powerful enough to shoot up to 100 psi of water 75 feet in distance at 50 gallons per minute.  This nozzle is suitable for most applications and is ready for emergency use for fire hose cabinet setups.  Add this nozzle to your 1 inch hose to increase your effectiveness in any situation.   

    Red Fire Nozzle With Straight Stream & Fog Water Patterns
    1 Inch Red Fire Nozzle

    1" Adjustable Fog Nozzle

    The adjustable fire hose nozzle is suitable for wash down, dust suppression, or any other application where adjustable fog nozzles are needed to disperse water. Technical Specifications Inlet Size 1"
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    Need to hook your hose to a hydrant or 2.5" Outlet?  Get a hydrant adapter.

    Want to connect this hose directly to a hydrant?  No problem.  Most hydrants are equipped with at least two outlets.  One of those outlets is usually a 2.5" NH/NST connection, less common is a 2.5" NPSH/IPT fitting.  But of course you should always check.  In the most common case of a 2.5" NH fitting, you just need to pick up a female to male reducer.  This adapts your hydrant using a 2.5" female NH to a 1" male NH, so you can hook your hose directly onto the hydrant.  Once you hook your hose on using the female hose connector, you're left with the male connector at the other end, which you can then hook your nozzle in.  Hydrant pressures usually run from 50-125 psi, which this hose can handle.  If you don't need very high amounts of water flow, don't open the hydrant valve all the way.  Try 1/4 or 1/2 open.  

    1 Inch Fire Hydrant Adapter Fitting Into A 1 Inch Hose
    2.5 Inch to 1 Inch Hydrant To Hose Adapter

    Hydrant Adapter - 2.5" Female x 1" Male

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    hydrant wrench for operating hydrants and tightening hoses

    If you want to operate a fire hydrant, you'll need a hydrant wrench.  You can't use a standard crescent wrench, it will strip and damage the hydrant parts.  With a proper hydrant wrench, you can easily adjust it to the size on the fitting of your hydrant.  You can then easily remove hydrant caps, and then open the water valve to turn the hydrant on and off.  The spanner part of the wrench listed below, will tighten the hose and adapter spanners.  So this is a dual purpose tool, which should absolutely be in your arsenal if you're going to be operating hydrants.  

    Fire Wrench Adjusting 1 Inch Hose & Hydrant
    Steel Fire Hydrant Wrench

    Hydrant & Spanner Wrench

    Best seller! Your most standard spanner wrench and fire hydrant adjuster. Two in one! Best price available. This handy tool gives you all kinds of options like tightening fire hoses,
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