Single Jacket Hose

Free shipping offered on all sizes of single jacket hose!

The single jacket hose is used for open discharge for pressures up to 150psi.  General street pressure does not exceed 100psi.  This hose is great to hook into hydrants, pumps, and other outlets that require water transfer.  This hose comes in either straight standard pipe threads (compatible with most NPT, IPT, SIPT, NPSH threads)  or quick connect couplings (camlocks).  Available in all sizes, we guarantee our hose and offer a limited warranty of up to 1 year.  You will not have a problem with the durability of these hose, they are strong and resistant to tears and abrasion.  Remember to take advantage of our free shipping offer on these hoses.  

Type Use Service Pressure Test Pressure Burst Pressure
 Single Jacket   Medium Industrial  125-150 psi 250 psi 375 psi