Fire Hose Threads Chart

Common Threads Chart

National Hose Thread
also known as
National Standard Thread
Male/Female NH/NST Full compatability
NPSH National Pipe for Straight Hose Male NPSH with Female NPSH
Female NPSH with Male NPSH
Female NPSH with Male NPT
Female NPSH with Male NPTF
Female NPSH with male NPSM
NPT National Pipe Tapered Male NPT with Female NPT
Male NPT with Female NPTF
Male NPT with Female NPSM
Male NPT with Female NPSH
Female NPT with Male NPT
Female NPT with Male NPTF
Female NPT not compatible with Male NPSM or Male NPSH
IPT General Iron Pipe Thread
(all types of pipe)
Most to all Pipe Thread
IPS General Iron Pipe Straight Thread
(all types of pipe)
Most to all Pipe Thread
NPTF National Pipe Tapered Thread Male NPTF with Female NPTF
Male NPTF with Female NPT
Male NPTF with Female NPSM
Male NPTF with Female NPSH
Female NPTF with Male NPTF
Female NPTF with Male NPT
Female NPTF with Male NPSM or NPSH
NPSM National Pipe Straight Mechanical Male NPSM with Female NPSM
Male NPSM with Female NPSH
Female NPSM with Male NPSM
Female NPSM with Male NPT
Female NPSM with Male NPTF
SIPT General Straight Iron Pipe Thread Most to all Pipe Thread
TIPT Tapered Iron Pipe Thread         Most to all Pipe Thread
GHT Garden Hose Thread     Only Garden Hose
CHT Chemical Hose Thread Compatible with NST or NH


Threads and fittings can be a tricky subject.  There are hundreds of sizes and styles.  You want to make sure everything fits from your outlets to your hose.  Most common threads are general pipe thread, national fire hose thread, and quick connect fittings(mostly found on farms).  If you have any doubt in your mind what types you have, contact us so we can help set you up with a correct fit.  There is no need to worry about the different types of threads because we can set you up with any kind of adapter.  

To be completely sure you get the correct setup, call us and let us know :

  1. Where is the water coming from/ What is the Outlet Size?
  2. What size hose do you want to use
  3. Where is the end point (ex. a spray nozzle?, an irrigation gun?, a water split for sprinklers?)

Here are some common examples:

Example 1: You have the following:

  1. (A) 2" Female Pipe Outlet water source  
  2. (B) 1.5" NST Used Fire Hose
  3. (C) We simply create an adapter, making a 2" Male pipe end attaching to 1.5" NST hose.  See Figure 1.


Example 2: You want to take water from a fire hydrant.  You have:

  1. (A) Fire Hydrant 2.5" water outlet
  2. (B) 1.5" NST Used Fire Hose
  3. (C) We simply insert a 2.5" to 1.5" NST Reducer.  See figure 2.

Example 3: You Have

  1. (A) 2.5" NST Used Fire Hose
  2. (B) 2.5" NPSH Used Fire Hose
  3. (C) We simply insert a 2.5" NPSH to 2.5" NST Adapter



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