48 Feet 1.5" Fire Hose For 1" & 2" Truck Strap Protection

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Product Type: Scrap Hose

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This hose may come in different colors.  This hose has two thick layers of canvas jacket polyester with cotton.  At 1.5" diameter this hose carries lots of usable raw materials.  This hose is used to protect 1" and 2" ratchet strapping for truck loads.  Use on sharp corners and extend the life of your ratchet strapping dramatically.  The thick material in the woven jackets of this hose are not easily penetrated.  This hose can withstand the force of semi trucks rolling over them when they are fully pressurized.  While this hose is no longer fit to carry water and is not certified for firefighting, it has value for many alternative uses.  One of our best sellers!

  • No Couplings
  • 48 Foot Length
  • 1 1/2" Inside Diameter
  • Measures 2-1/2" When Flat
  • Double Jacketed Walls
  • Inside Waterproof Rubber Liner

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