2 1/2" Inch Single Jacket Quick Camlock Hose

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The 2.5" single jacket hose can be used with any 2.5 inch quick connect camlock setups.  These usually include pumps, outlets, and valves equipped with 2.5" camlock male or female fittings.  These hoses are well suited for for irrigation, industrial wash down, and general water pumping applications where medium water pressures of 125 psi or less are needed.

Benefits of Quick Connect Camlock Hose Woven Canvas


  • No more lengthy connecting times; quick connect camlocks take just seconds to attach and lock.  You will be ready to pump in a fraction of the time.
  • Easy lock and release; no special tools required to operate.
  • Woven polyester hose materials never require drying and are immune to mildew and rot. 
  • Strong polyester materials give you the same feel and durability of a fire hose without the higher pressure ratings.   
  • No more cross threading; camlock adapters can't damaged through cross threading, leading to less headache in the long term.  
  • Handles standard water pressures 125 psi or below so it will work with the majority of water transfer applications.
  • Easy self installation: you don't need any special tools to re-couple camlocks.  You just need the camlock adapters and standard hose clamps.  
  • Universal fittings: all quick connect camlock adapters will work together so long as the diameter is matching.  

camlock fittings chart 1, 2, 4, 4 inch graphic

Watch: A Quick Overview On How Camlocks Work


  • Service Pressure - 125 psi
  • Test Pressure - 250 psi
  • Burst Pressure - 500 psi
  • Inside Diameter - 2.5" Inches
  • Lay Flat Width - About 4.5" Inches
  • Length - 50 Feet / 100 Feet
  • Couplings - Both Male & Female 2.5" Aluminum Camlocks
  • Material - Single Jacket Polyester
  • Lining - Inside Rubber
  • Color - White

Male & Female Quick Connect Camlock Adapters

Woven hose materials are the best way to go because it's strong and long lasting.  It has a far higher PSI rating than plastic PVC hose.  The inside rubber lined ensures this hose is resistant to holes, tears, and abrasion.  Hose is immune to mildew and does not require drying.

    If you're moving these hoses around day to day, 50 foot lengths are the best way to go.  They are lightweight enough to carry around and roll up.  For applications where you set the hoses for extended periods of time, the 100 foot lengths are more economical.

    How I Use This Hose?

    1. Push the ears forward on the female side fitting.
    2. Make sure the inside of the fitting is clear of dirt and debris.
    3. Insert the male fitting into the female fitting
    4. Pull the ears back and apply pressure to lock down the ears.
    5. When the ears can't go down any further, you're locked.
    6. To release the fittings, pull the ears forward and pull the fitting out.  

    How do I use Camlock Hose

    Camlock Fittings Are Also Known As:

    • Quick Release Hydraulic Couplings
    • Quick Connect Camlocks
    • Quick Disconnect Fittings
    • Camlock Hose Shanks & Barbs
    • Quick Hose Shanks & Barbs

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