3" Scrap Fire Hose

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Product Type: Scrap Hose

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Product Details

Available length - 20' or 45' feet

Diameter - 3.5" 

Flat Measurement - 6.5" lay-flat

Material - Polyester

Couplings - NH / NST - order with or without couplings

Colors - Dark yellow or tan outside layer, a white inside layer

Weight Per 40 Feet Uncoupled - 40 lbs

The 3" Scrap Fire Hose is an extremely rare size.  This is the first of it's kind that we've seen, and will probably be the last.  Double jackets on this fire hose make it the strongest hose we have available.  Order individual pieces of this hose, or order bulk and save big on shipping.  This hose can either be used for alternative equipment protection use, or it can make great use on a farm for irrigation.  Remember this hose has not been tested for leaks, which means small leaks or pinholes may be present when you run water through them.  The inside liner pictured is blue.  The color of the inside liner could also be black, clear, or tan.

Note: The jackets are not fused together if the hose is taken apart, the layers can be separated to gain even more material to work with.  If you order 20 Feet and decide to utilize both jackets, and cut them in half to double your reach, you will end up with 40 full square feet of polyester to work with!  If you get 45 Feet, separate the two jackets and you"ll receive 90 square feet of material.



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