5/8" Forestry Hose
5/8" Forestry Hose
5/8" Forestry Hose
5/8" Forestry Hose
5/8" Forestry Hose

5/8" Forestry Hose


Product Description

Hose manufactured to this specification shall be of superior quality and workmanship. Hose specified, shall meet NFPA some performance standards of NFPA 1961 standards. For North American customers, due to lack of verification of adherence to NFPA 1961 standards, import hose shall not be accepted. Hose must be woven and manufactured in the USA. Hose furnished under these specifications will have a potential service life and warranty of 1 year, barring mistreatment that would render it unfit for service. Upon delivery, the hose shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials. Hose designed to Federal Specification 4210-01- 167-1061 standards.

Jacket Construction: The jackets will be woven evenly and be free of defects, including knots, lumps, or unsightly disfigurations that could jeopardize the integrity of the hose assembly. The warp yarn shall consist of filament polyester yarn. The filler yarns shall be constructed of high strength, low elongation, filament polyester to reduce weight and increase flexibility.

Lining: The polyurethane lining shall be a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic high tensile TPU compounded to resist ozone. The finished form shall be free of pits or other imperfections and have a smooth finish for better flow characteristics. The tube thickness shall be a minimum of 0.12 inches. Minimum tensile strength requirements for the finished tube requirement shall be 34 MPa. A valid USA/ULC Underwriters inspection procedure shall be in force.

Standards: Fire hose manufactured to this specification shall meet and exceed all performance requirements of Federal specification NSN# 4210-01-167-1061.

Couplings: Brass GHT threaded couplings complete with gasket. Markings: Key Hose made in the U.S.A.

Fire Hose Specifications

  • Circular woven fire hose technology
  • High tensile all polyester woven jacket
  • High tensile polyurethane NSF liner
  • Brass GHT threaded couplings complete with strain reliefs
  • Designed for rigorous forestry applications such as mop-up, pumper protection, clean-up applications
  • Exceeds Federal Specification 4210-01-167-1061
  • Diameter: 5/8”
  • Coil diameter: 8”

Test Ratings

  • 300 PSI Service Test Pressure
  • 600 PSI Proof Pressure
  • 900 PSI Burst Pressure

Available Lengths - 50 feet and 100 feet

Hose Size - 5/8 inch

Color - White

Couplings - Brass

Threads - Garden Hose Thread (GHT)

Weight - 1.3 pounds


  • Filling pump cans
  • Supplying sprinklers
  • Remote fire line protection
  • Mop-up