Battle Rope 2.5" Fire Hose

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Using old fire hose for battle ropes is just as effective as the real thing. 

Firefighters have always known this.  Trust us on this one.  When it comes to fitness, your body doesn't know the difference between fancy and expensive ropes or an old fire hose. Weight is weight, no matter how it's distributed across the length of a battle rope or fire hose.


Bottom line: hard work is what helps you achieve your fitness goals, not fancy equipment.  Think of the old Rocky movies where the boxer is hauling timber and boulders through the mountains in preparation to fight his counterpart.  That's character!

The exercise itself is wildly popular for good reason; it works and gives results.  It's a strenuous full body movement designed activate all the core muscles in your body, not to mention the cardiovascular benefits.  How you achieve that movement makes absolutely no difference to your body.  Everything you need packed into a short workout duration.  

All these benefits make it a desirable exercise around the fire house or even in your own back yard (nobody wants to invest in a home gym).  

Note: This item has a 40-45 pound total shipping weight.  It will ship FREE via UPS Ground.


  • Approximate weight between 35-40 pounds.  
  • 50 feet total length.
  • 2.5 inch inside diameter and lays roughly 4.5 inches flat.
  • The aluminum connectors are left on the hose for added weight.
  • The aluminum connectors can be used as handles if the user chooses.
  • The aluminum connectors can be cut off if the user chooses.
  • If you want to cut off the connectors, you can fold the hose and duct tape or sew the ends to create handles.
  • Color will come in either orange, yellow, red, white, or blue.  
  • Material is made from cotton/polyester.
  • This is a double jacketed fire hose which means there's 2 layers of woven hose (for added weight and durability) and an inside rubber lining.  

If you're looking for a heavier hose, you can choose any of the used or scrap fire hoses in the 3" diameter or 4" diameter weighing approx 45-50 pounds.  For young teenagers, fitness newbies, or rehabilitation patients; try the 1.5" diameter double jacket hoses weighing approx 15-20 pounds.

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