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Fire Hydrant Hose Demonstration -

Looking for a fire hydrant hose package?  Get it right here.

These packages have everything you need to use a fire hydrant.  If you don't have any hydrant tools, you'll need to choose a full package with both a hose and wrench, spray nozzles are optional.   All these hoses will fit into all standard sized fire hydrants.  Most fire hydrant hose connections are 2.5" NH/NST outlet and a 4" NH/NST outlet.  But it's always best to check the markings on the hydrant, or ask your local fire department for advice. Generally speaking, the larger the hose the bigger the water flow. 
  • 1.5" hoses are great for wash down and flexibility, but you need an adapter to fit to a hydrant.
  • 2.5" hoses hook directly onto hydrants and are standard for large water transfer but not easily moved when filled up.
  • 4" hoses are considered large diameter, give the highest water flow, and will be extremely heavy when filled up. 

Once you decide which hose you need, choose one of our fire hydrant hose packages above and proceed to checkout.  Remember if you don't have a hydrant wrench you'll need to get one.  YOU CAN NOT USE A CRESCENT WRENCH TO OPERATE A HYDRANT:

    These hydrant hoses are designed for discharging water and not supplying fire departments.  The hoses are rated for 125 psi and is designed for medium industrial or residential use.  These work great for wash down, irrigation, construction sites, and general water transfer.  If you need a certified fire hose that can do 400PSI, you'll need to shop here at our fire hose section.  If you have any questions, get a hold of us anytime.  


    Fire Hydrant 2.5 Inch and 4 Inch Connections | Fire Hose Supply

    Fire Hydrant Hose & Wrench Twisting

    Fire Hydrant 2.5 Inch Connection NH NST Threaded

    Fire Hydrant Hose Adapter

    Using A Fire Wrench To Operate A Fire Hydrant

    2.5 Inch Fire Hydrant Connection

    Fire Hydrant Hose Adapter Hookup

    Fire Hydrant Training | Used Fire Equipment

    Fire Hydrant Training | Used Fire Equipment

    1.5 Inch Fire Hydrant Hose Spray Patterns

    Fire Hydrant Training | Used Fire Equipment

    Fire Hydrant Training | Used Fire Equipment

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