1.5" Single Jacket Scrap Hose

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Our most popular seller of scrap hose!  The polyester material on this hose is strongly woven to give it exceptional strength.  The standard color on this hose is white and is typically in great to new condition when shipped.  A cost effective way to meet all your alternative fire hose needs.  These lengths are so durable and strong that Weeks Aircraft out of Florida uses these to carry airplane wings!  Also great material for personal hammocks and wallets, but you decide what you need to use it for.  Since these scrap hoses are not recommended for water because of leaks, many farmers and have successfully used these as "soaker" hoses.  

  • Specify with or without couplings
  • 1 1/2" Diameter
  • Measures 2 1/2" when flat
  • Various sizes
  • Clear rubber lining
  • White exterior
  • Single woven jacket

Let us know if there're any questions you have about our hose. +1(510)237-5000 We are committed to getting you the best materials for your needs. Remember to check our bulk discounts to save on shipping!  


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