1. Chafe-guard your dock and create dock bumpers.

2. It is easy for anchor chains to get torn up, the best way to protect them? Use a Fire Hose to cover some of the anchor chain (or any chains that may be used for locking up the boat trailer.

3. Ever worry about damage to your boat by lugging it on the trailer bunk? Try creating extra padding. They are strong, reliable and you can refill the line with foam to fully support your boat. It is a great, creative and alternative way to create extra padding.

4. It's important for every boat to have a tow or recovery strap, why not make it out of a used fire hose? It is strong and durable, perfect for a recovery strap.

5. If you have a small boat, try using an old hose to create a Boat lift sling.

6. Do you have a water pump on your boat? Add a valve and connection for a heavy duty line.