It's hard to get information on an antique fire hose, why?  Generally, when fire hoses expire from their date of service, they are usually discarded into the garbage, or scrapped for metal.  Sometimes, people like to use them for alternative use.  Luckily, we've gotten a hold of some antique fire hose.  These hoses are called "linen hoses".  They've been in use since about 1910.  They are slowly getting phased out for more updated rubber lined fire hose.  

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The unlined antique fire hose

They are also referred to as "unlined fire hose".  The meaning of "unlined" means that inside of the fire hose, there is no rubber that keeps the hose waterproof.  That means this hose is 100% cotton or linen.  The fittings are usually brass.  The diameter of the hose is 1.5".  The length (with the couplings) is usually 75 feet.  Some of these hoses that we have in stock date back to the 1930s.  If you need a specific time stamp on your hose, just give us a call and we'll make sure we have it for you.  


From the pictures above, you can see that this fire hose is folded.  This is meant to fit on a pin rack vertically.  Where the folds are is exactly where the pins meet the hose, then when a fire breaks out, the user just grabs the hose and runs.  Alternatively, you could also roll the hose onto a reel.  We have plenty of pin racks in stock if you would like a full setup.  

Nozzle Setup

Typically, the linen fire hose came complete with the "pin rack" mentioned above, but also comes with a straight stream "tip" nozzle.  The materials on the nozzle can either be polycarbonate, Lexan, brass, chrome plated brass, and sometimes aluminum.  

On Display: movie props, museums, & on stage

The greatest thing to use our antique fire hose for is props.  The hose is authentic, durable, and economical.  You can purchase a full hose with the connectors for about $39.00.  If you want a nozzle and a pin rack, with shipping, a full setup would run about $100.00 out the door.  Go to a local antique store and see if you find an authentic looking fire hose at a great price, chances are null.  Give us a call or order online to place an order!