1-1/2" Fire Hose Angle Valve Brass

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Brass Fire Hose Angle Valve (1-1/2" Inch Diameter)

This fire hose valve is guaranteed to pass fire inspection.

This fire hose valve is compliant with NFPA standards mostly used to pass fire inspection for commercial and residential purposes.  This valve is fully certified for 5 year testing inspections. This hose valve is UL listed & FM approved.

  • Inside Diameter1-1/2" Inch
  • Fittings - Choose NPT or NH-NST
  • Weight - 3 Pounds
  • Pressure Rating - 300PSI
  • Materials - Forged Brass
  • Certifications - UL Listed / FM Approved
  • Applications - Emergency / Testing / Fire Inspections / Rack Assemblies Or Any Other Application Which Requires A Listed Fire Hose Valve.

Angle Valve Fire Hose Brass 45 Degree

Specialized Hose Built To Pass Commercial & Residential Fire Inspections And Testing

Fire hose rack assemblies are usually required by the fire marshal to pass building inspections.  Buildings must always be up to date on the latest fire codes.  At FireHoseSupply.com, we are members of NFPA which sets the standard for up to date fire codes.  We always make sure you have the right parts to stay up to code.  If you're unsure of any requirements, reach out to us and let us know.  

Fire Hose Angle Valve For Rack Hose Assembly Graphic

Where Is A 1-1/2" Fire Hose Valve Commonly Found?

1-1/2" fire hose valves are used as a fire department outlet connection commonly found in stairwell landings of multi-story buildings or as part of a test header assembly on the outside of your building. Additionally, fire hose valves are used with pin rack fire hose units inside of a cabinet, which is why fire hose valves are often called a fire hose cabinet valve. Most internal fire fighting hose applications - whether from fire fighters bringing hose or stationary pin rack units - use 1-1/2" fire hose and, as such, this valve will commonly pair with a 2-1/2" to 1-1/2" hose valve reducer.

Fire hose valves are part of the standpipe system. When a fire department connects to a fire department connection (FDC) to charge an automatic sprinkler system or a standpipe system, the fire hose valve is the outlet where firefighters can connect their hose on specific floors. If the fire hose valve is part of a pin rack unit, the concept remains the same - an access point for water to fight the fire - but the pin rack unit provides the hose.

    NFPA fire hose pin rack assembly

    Our Guarantee & Warranty

    • We 100% guarantee this item will pass fire inspection.  We understand fire protection professionals need equipment that will guarantee their customers needs.  All our items are complaint with NFPA, UL, and FM codes.  
    • Your items will always be covered under 1 year standard manufacture warranties.
    • Be sure before you order!  Call us at 510.214.3093 to make sure you order the right parts.

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