4" Inch Double Jacket Discharge Hose

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Large Diameter Discharge Hose For High Water Flow

The double jacket 4" discharge hoses are designed for people who prefer strong woven polyester materials but don't need a full blown fire hose with certifications.  For purposes other than firefighting, this hose is guaranteed to get the job done.   

These have two layers of hose for extra protection and a higher 250 psi rating than it's single jacketed counterpart at 125 psi.

It's made for general heavy duty water transfer or industrial projects.  It can be attached to pumps, fire hoses, hydrants, PVC pipes that are equipped with 4" fittings.  Alternatively, it can be adapted to fit any of the above mentioned with simple pipe or hose adapters. 

4 inch discharge hose size

Woven polyester hoses are the choice material for fire hoses because they are strong, lightweight, and totally immune to mold and rot. They never require drying.  

canvas discharge hose fabric polyester


  • Fits into all 4" standard pipe outlets with NPSH/IPT fittings, or fire hose NH/NST fittings.
  • Durable woven polyester materials have a long lifespan.
  • 100% mold and rot immune.  Can be stored for long periods without degradation.
  • Can be dragged and abused without tearing.
  • High 250 psi rating allows for wide variety of applications.

4 inch discharge hose fittings


  • Service Pressure - 200 psi
  • Test Pressure - 600 psi
  • Inside Diameter - 4" Inches
  • Lay Flat Width - About 6.5" Inches
  • Length - 50 Feet / 100 Feet
  • Couplings - Choose 4" NH/NST (Fire Hose Threads) or NPSH (Straight Pipe Threads)
  • Material - Double Jacket Polyester
  • Lining - Inside Rubber
  • Color - White

Overview Video Of The 4" Large Diameter Discharge Hoses:


  • Water Transfer & Pumping
  • Medium Industrial Projects
  • Agricultural / Irrigation
  • Wash Down
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Sump & Trash Pumps
  • Valves & Standpipes

Fire Hose Adapters

If you're moving these hoses around day to day, 50 foot lengths are the best way to go.  They are lightweight enough to carry around and roll up.  For applications where you set the hoses for extended periods of time, the 100 foot lengths are the most economical. 

Will This Hose Fit My Outlet?  Which Connectors Do I need?

  • At the top of the page you need to select which style of fittings you need.  
  • What are NH/NST Fittings? National Hose / National Standard Thread - Standard fire hose fittings.  Both NH and NST are the same thing.  This is the most common size for fire departments today.
  • What are NPSH Fittings? National Pipe For Straight Hose - These are straight pipe fittings.  They're compatible with all standard pipe threads including NPT, NPSM, PVC, NPSH. NPT notes - a female NPSH will connect onto a male NPT fitting, but a female NPT fitting will not connect onto a male NPSH fitting. 

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