2.5" Used Single Jacket Fire Hose White

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Single wall and layers of cotton, and a polyurethane treated inner coating, you have the perfect equation for a sturdy and long lasting fire hose.  These hoses are great for running water at top pressures, or standpipe testing, or drainage at large volume.  Hooks directly into fire hydrant.  If gallons per minute is a concern to you, then look no further, this hose is able to give you the highest GPM at highest pressures.  Give us a call if you have any questions about this fire hose.  Many people use these large hoses to supply smaller fire hoses for all kinds of uses.  

  • 2.5" Brass NH or NST connections.  NH = national hose, NST = national standard thread, both the same.  NH=NST
  • Single layer of hose, cotton/polyester
  • Steadfast coated, for abrasion resistance
  • 50' Length
  • White Only

Approx. weight 30pds.


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