When you are thinking about purchasing hose the first thing you need to do is evaluate all the equipment that you currently have. This will help through out the decision making process. These hoses could be the most important things you purchase. There are many different uses as well as fighting fires.

They are the tool that will get you to where you need to be. There are many different types of hoses out there. Fire fighters usually setup about 200 to 300 feet from the pumper. The hose is important in the battle against the fiery hot redness that is consuming peoples lives. It is war and the hose will help.

Questions you should ask yourself when choosing what hose are right for you 

What kind of warranty does it have? 
Does the company that you are purchasing from provide any support or services that could benefit you? 
What kind of abrasion resistance coasting is on the outer jacket of the fire hose? 
How much does the fire hose weigh? Is the outer jacket of the nylon or a polyester blend? Does the fir hose you are looking at have heat and burn-through resistance? 
Is the inner jacket of the fire hose EPDM lined? Thermoplastic lines? Or SBR lines? Determine which is best for you.

International Fire Equipment guarantees their used fire hose.

Types of fire hoses 
  • ATTACK - These hoses are covered in fabric. This hose is flexible and brings the water from the fire pumper to the nozzle. 
  • SUPPLY AND RELAY HOSES - These types of hoses are covered in fabric and have a larger diameter. These hoses are used to bring water from a distant hydrant to the fire pumper. They can also be used to relay water from one pumper to another over a long distance. 
  • FORESTRY HOSE - This hose is flexible and used to fight all kinds of grass, brush and tree fires. Lightweight hoses, such as these, are need to fight fires in rough terrains etc. This hose is fabric covered and very flexible. 
  • BOOSTER HOSE - This hose is great to fight small fires. It is covered in rubber and really thick. It is carried on the reel of a fire pumper. 
  • SUCTION HOSE - This hose sucks water out of unpressurized sources (like ponds or rivers) It is like a vacuum.