Used Fire Hoses

New Uses for Old Hoses have many uses outside the firehouse. Not only are used fire hoses an extremely durable product, with diverse uses, but it is cost-effective as well.

A quick search on the web will show you many artisan uses for them. There are websites that  take used fire hoses and turn them into beautiful and expensive handbags, and as well as show you how to make your own bags and wallets. Making beautiful, handmade useful objects from have become a small green cottage industry.

Beautiful Bag made with used fire hoses

Aesthetics are great, but what about practical agricultural, industrial or commercial uses for used fire hoses? Here are some ideas for used fire hose that are more practical for your work site:

They make great irrigation lines, and can transport large quantities of water quickly. In addition to irrigation, you can use the fire hose to cool down livestock on a hot day.

Transferring/Pumping Fluids
It is excellent for transferring fluids, either water or other liquids. Make sure to mark the used fire hose with a large permanent marker with the fluids used so it doesn’t get used again for water.

Floating Booms
Fill your used fire hoses up with compressed air and they will float, creating barriers for environmental containment. In the past fire departments have used them as impromptu water rescue devices. Multiple water victims can hold on to, and rescue is easier as the hoses can then be pulled in, retrieving many people at once.

Environmental control
Filled with air or water, used fire hoses can be secured with stakes to contain environmental spills on land as well as on water.

They are great for marking up pathways, roads, and designating or separating fields.  They also have be used for making giant x’s for marking helicopter pads. You can even use fire hoses for crowd control, to show people where they can go at events.

Sheaths for equipment
A hose make great covers for knives, sharp implements, chain saw blades as well as anything that sticks out and is dangerous. Use a sharp utility knife to cut the hose to size and a heavy duty canvas or leather need to seal up.

These are just a few of the many uses for
used fire hoses. How do you use old fire hoses? Please tell us your stories on creative ways to make use of.  We would love to hear them.

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  • Great article on used fire hose!

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  • Great article on used fire hose!

    Optimus prime

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