Saving Cattle and Livestock from Heat and Humidity

Used Fire Hoses Cattle Ranch

According to the National Weather Service, the summer of 2011 was one of the hottest summers on record for many areas of the nation. This has been difficult for farmers and cattle ranchers who risk losing their cattle and livestock where the heat had been unusually high.  

When there is high heat, humidity, and low wind of extreme hot summers, without preventative cooling measures animal temperatures in the past would rise to higher than 115 degrees and start dying quickly. To prevent more deaths, ranchers have found innovative ways to cool them off.

As cattle cool themselves mainly through their feet and at night, ranchers would utilize used fire hoses and equipment to drench the ground and create puddles. Some cattle ranchers have made water wagons pulled by a tractor, with nozzles at the end of it, drenching the dry earth and lowering the temperature of their livestock.

For extreme heat conditions when cattle were in immanent danger, water was brought in and water through  were drenching the cattle, cooling them off quickly. Used fire hoses could quickly water down pens, as the more moisture they had, the cooler they were.

Of course, in less challenging times, cattle producers regularly water down the feedlots with used fire hoses, reducing dust, and even using them to fill their bunks with water. Used fire hoses are also good to have around during the threat of wildfires.

Overall, as a cattle producer, it is important to be prepared for extreme heat and weather conditions. Used fire hoses are not only good for day-to-day operations, but vital to have on hand for emergency situations.

For more information on how you can make your life easier in ranching and agriculture, contact International Fire Equipment at (888) 286-6650.

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