Animal Uses for used fire hose

Used Fire Hose for Animals
As part of our series on recycling used fire hoses, let’s not forget how you can use used fire hoses to make our furry friends happy. 

Dog and cat toys
There are quite a few dog toys available for that are made of old material. They have several toys available made from recycled hose and have straps sewn in for tugging.  Also, there is a Frisbee-type toy for playing fetch called the Frequent Flyer that is made from used fire scrap.  All of these are considered almost indestructible, machine washable, and good for hours of fun play with your dog. Scrap used fire hoses can be sown into pouches and stuffed with catnip so your kitty won’t feel left out.

Cat scratching posts
Since they are quite durable, some of our clients have used them in building a scratching post for their cats. They use regular carpet for the base, then slip a wide piece of used fire hose over the top of the post. A final touch of rubbing catnip on it and the cats love it, all the while saving your furniture from your kitty’s wrath.

Bed and hammocks.
These old lengths can be woven into beds and hammocks for animals of all sizes, even large wild animals. Here are instructions for strong and sturdy hammocks for the wild beasts on your property.

Wild animal toys
Zoos have been innovating with their uses of fire hose as low cost material to enrich the lives of their animals. This article describes how to they wove Used Fire Hoses into beds, shade areas, privacy screens, even a made a Christmas toy for their tiger by weaving used fire hose into a reindeer shape and stuffed it with meat. In case you were wondering, the tiger enjoyed it very much! For primates like orangutans, used fire hoses make great climbing ropes for lots of fun and mobility.

Livestock management
On farms and ranches, old lengths are great for cooling off livestock, filling up watering areas, cleaning out barns and shade areas, and pumping water when needed. In the recent abnormally hot summers of the upper Midwest, used fire hoses were instrumental in saving countless cattle from heat exhaustion.

Please feel free to comment on your uses for  for your home, and animals. For more information, call us at  +1 (510) 237-5000.

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