Land and Garden Uses

Used Fire Hose Orchard Management

Some have asked what are popular garden and land uses. We asked our customers and here is what they told us they use their hoses for:

Low-cost irrigation system alternatives
Some of our ingenious customers have used to irrigate their gardens, with smaller feeder lines leading out to different areas. They have even punched holes in the small lines to make a low-cost drip irrigation alternatives.

Orchard management 
Not only for watering orchards, they have worked well for emergency situations, such as freezes or flooding.  Citrus growers have used to water down trees in case of freezing to protect their fruit. In Australia after the flooding that happened last year, used fire hoses were the best option for cleaning of silt from the trees that had been flooded.

Garden hose protection over roads
Some people have used scrap used fire hose to cover garden hoses on roads for protection from being run over.  That have either cut the fire hose or just slipped their garden hose inside the fire hose.

Berms and borders 
Some creative gardeners have used as borders around decorative planters, or to mark off garden paths. Cut up pieces of scrap hose are also good protective covers for sharp angles.

Motocross track management
One of our customers uses fire hoses to manage and maintain his motocross track. These hose have been excellent at dust control, adding the right amount of mud to the track, creating berms and changing the track as needed.

Any pumping of water
Our lengths can move large quantities of water quickly. They have been used for draining or adding water to garden ponds, pools, spas, fountains, or used in creating waterfalls.

For more information on how you can utilize, call us at +1 (510) 237-5000. Please comment and  share with us how using fire hoses has made your gardening and land management easier.

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