Uses for Reels

Used Fire Hose

If you've been reading our used Fire Hose blogs you know that there are a lot of interesting things you can do, who would have thought you could do so much with a used fire hose? The knowledge you find here will continue to amaze you. Not only can you use for animal uses, fitness, or Land and Garden use but you can also use the reels!

Just another way to be sustainable with what you have available. A reel can be used to hold and store a variety of different items including your very own. You can also take the opportunity to hold rope or chains, water hoses, air hoses and more.

Using a reel will help you keep organized no matter what you decide to use it for. Whether it's on the floor, mounted to a stand or mounted on the wall you can use your reel to help keep things wrapped away!

A few ways you can utilized a Reel:

Water Hose: A water hose on the ground might kill your grass and cause bald spots, who wants that? Make sure to put your water hose on a  reel to ensure that your water hose is kept off the ground and away from your grass. Phew! Just pull it out when you need it and push it away when you don't. What a great way to protect your grass and utilize your reel.

Air Hose: Leave a air hose on the ground long enough and it will end up punctured, torn or with a kink in it. Avoid a punctured air hose by placing it on your used fire hose reel. It will help keep it safe and free up floor space at all times! What a great idea, utilizing a Fire Hose reel to keep your air hose safe.

Copper Coil: It is very easy to bend or break copper coil due to its soft texture. If you wrap copper coil around a reel you can help protect the coil. When it's time to use the copper, just unravel what you need and cut it. No more breaking or putting kinks in your copper oil. Keep it safe with your reel.

Accent Garden Hose: Land and Garden Uses already discussed Garden hose protection over roads being a use however, we believe that it's not just over roads that you can use a reel. You can use a reel as an accent garden hose. This allows you to leave the garden hose on the ground in gardens and flower beds and supply water. Having a reel instead of leaving the garden hose laying on the floor can help protect the flooring around your garden and to keep things nice and organized. What a great solution to not having to trip over garden hoses. Don't you just hate that?

Rope Storage: Whether you're on a boat, in a warehouse, or just at home, used reels can be used to store rope. Instead of dealing with the hassle of untying things, you can merely wrap the rope around the reel and unroll it when it's time to put to use. Half the pain of using rope is having to untie it, the reel can provide an easy solution to keeping it wrapped together and not to unravel.

Chain Storage: Storing a chain on a reel helps to keep things tidy and out of the way. With the a place to store chains you can simply pull out what you need and cut it when it's time to get some more chain. This will help save space but it will also allow for easy measuring and maintenance of chain usage.

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