Use some hose to make a Hammock

When that firefighter next door handed you that used you weren't quiet sure what to do with it, but you also didn't want it thrown away. I bet you wouldn't have imagined that you would utilize a used to make a hammock. That's right, you are about to learn how you can turn that used into a hammock. Perfect for swaying in the summer sun with a cooling lemonade.

Fun fact: Fire Hose Hammocks can also be used to bed large animals including wild ones

Materials you will need:

  • Fire hose (used Fire Hose would be ideal—it's cheaper!) : 30 ft. minimum length required
  • Two 2 x 4 planks : 4 ft. long
  • Drill with ¾ inch boring bit
  • Nylon cloth webbing : 6 ft. x 8 ft.
  • Nylon cord : 12 ft.
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Steel clamp
  • Wood file

Now that you have the materials needed for hammock it's time to get started on this project:

1. Drill a set of ¾ inch holes in the center of each 2 x 4 plan, 6 inches from the end. The will go through each hole. To reduce the chafe on the length, use the wood file to sand the edges of each hole. It is recommended even if sanded, to consider a chafe protector for the strip or plank to help reduce rubbing.

2. The most important part of a hammock, other then the Fire Hose, is a pair of trees! Make sure that you have the perfect set of trees picked out  hammock. Ideally, the trees are 10 to 12 ft. apart with a trunk of 8+ inches diameter, with a solid branch 4+ inches at 4 to 6 ft. from the ground.

3. Now that we have the perfect trees picked out, run the hose strips around the first tree, through the left-side holes of both planks, around the second tree, but this time through the right-side holes of both planks. The hose strips should be a band around the trees, with the planks serving as basic support and foundation for the Fire Hose hammock.

4. Finalize the position of the fire hosehammock, and pull the taut. Then use the steel clamp to connect the two loose ends together, and tighten clamp tight with screwdriver.

5. After you have tightened the loose ends, space the planks about 7 ft. apart and place the nylon cloth webbing over the planks. *If the planks move too much, add a clamp to both sides of the Fire Hose to prevent movement*

6. Cut the nylon cord into 6 inch sections, to make a total of 24 sections.

7. Wrap the nylon webbing over the plans and over the sides Use four sections of nylon cord along each plank, and eight along the (evenly space) to secure the nylon webbing in place by tying it to itself.

All done!! Congrats! You have completed your first hammock.

Step # 8 is to grab a pillow, grab a refreshing drink and relax in your hammock! Don't forget to put a side table next to your hammock so that you can bring your favorite book out and set your drink without spilling.

Try this at home? Let us know in the comments!

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