Protect your Fire Hose: Benefits of Cleaning your lines

Whether you're utilizing a  for construction wash down, industrial clean, irrigation or a fire, it's important to take care of your. Taking the time to clean your ensures that you will see an increased life span, money savings, and best of all will help avoid failure. Who doesn't want to save money?! 

Protecting benefits the longevity and quality. Wash and you will: Extend the Life, Enhance Performance and Reduce the risk of failure.

Extend Fire Hose Life:

Whether you're using for construction wash down, industrial clean, irrigation or a rigorous fire,  will be exposed to a variety of contaminated materials. Smoke, mud, debris, ash, grease, sewage, dust are just among a few materials that may cause damage if not properly cleaned. If not cleaned properly, these materials may ruin or exasperate defects that may already be present. Who wants that? No one! Will last longer if washed and maintained on a regular basis. Extend that life by washing, cleaning and maintaining! You won't regret it. The better it's taken care of, the less likely you will have to spend money repairing.

Increase Performance:

When it's time to bust out then most likely you are utilizing it in a situation that calls. Therefore, you want to increase the performance so that the Fire Hose experience is always optimized. If are properly cleaned they are more inclined to hold up under extreme conditions, this helps to increase the performance.

Reducing Risk of Hose Failure:

If you don't properly maintain you risk the chance that when the going gets tough the might fail when needed most. National Fire Protection Association guidelines require frequent inspections. This helps to ensure that pass inspections have been cleaned extensively and reduce the risk of failure.  

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