Want something hot, cool and green for this upcoming Summer season? Look into a recycled bag. It's the hottest trend of the season! are designed to be sturdy, reliable and durable. can withstand more than average wear and tear which is why it's the perfect material for a bag.

Aside from putting out fires with fire hoses did you know that you can turn a fire hose into the trendiest accessory this season. What better way to use, other then putting out fires, then to turn a  into a trendy bag.

After cleaning and cutting the Fire Hose, professionals utilize the Fire Hose materials into hand sewn fire hose messenger bags, purses, wallets, belts etc. It's a great recycling fashion that you can try at home yourself.

Cool tip if you attempt accessory? Turn the black rubber side out so you not only have the opportunity to use the Fire Hose color (i.e. white or red) but also add a fun texture and another base color.

Another tip: Try using parachute silk or office furniture textiles for lining with the Fire Hose bag.

Fun fact: Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and former first lady have Fire Hose recycled belts.

Try this at home? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to check out our great Used Fire Hoses if you start a bag project.