5 Unique gifts

It's summer time and the living is easy! With summer comes a lot of birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations, and a variety of other types of celebrations. What better gift to get your loved ones. That's right, you heard me! You can't go wrong. I know finding inspiration from a used fire hose might sound surprising, but some of the most unique, creative, reusable and awesome gifts are being made.

1. Belt:  

Whether it's a gift for your man or your best girl friend, you can't go wrong with a belt! It's fun, creative, and useful. What more could you ask for when buying someone a gift. Plus you have the element of surprise, who would expect a gift? I know I wouldn't! You can even pick out different style belts depending on what type of notches you want on your belt. =)

2. Wallet: 

Fire Hoses are made of strong, durable, tough material made to get handle it all. Wouldn't it be great if you had a strong, durable tough wallet that could handle it all? Well now you can, with a wallet! Perfect for any occasion. Man or woman. A wallet is  probably the lightest around. 

3. Wash bag: 

Planning a summer vacation this summer? Not without a wash bag for all your products! With this great wash bag you can have a sturdy place to keep all your personal items. A perfect gift for yourself or anyone else that may need a sturdy bag for any trips they're going on this summer. It is such a great gift idea. 

4. Fashion Bag: 

Know a lady who deserves a unique, fashionable bag? Why not surprise them with this great recycled bag? It's perfect! It has great storage space, it has bright and bold colors and how awesome is it to say that you have a purse? Pretty legit. It's Channel, it's Juicy, it's Louis Vuitton, no, wait, it's a fire hose bag! Even better. 

5. Cuff links: 

It's time to suite up and get fancy but your handsome fella is throwing a fit? Perfect! Surprise your loved one. Not any old fire hose, but some pretty innovative cuff links. It's a fun, new twist on any outfit. Who else gets to dress up in a suite and say that they're sporting a cuff link? Pretty neat. It will sure to make you the hit of any party. 

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