Fire Hose training & fun with the kids!

Under 10 and she already has a grip! Taking tips from the professionals, she looks like she is having a good time. How old where you when you first got training?

Littleton Fire Rescue uses training to recruit mini firefighters! What a great way to have Fire Safety training. It's great to see kids learning how to use a fire hose at an early age. Never too early to train a firefighter.

Parents doing crowd control on their kids? Or kids taking control on their own? These kids seem to be enjoying playing around with the multiple fire hoses. Nothing like summer time to get those wars started! Lucky kids.

Look at these lucky boys, learning how from the real professionals! This was on a Public Safety Day in Atlanta. If you don't teach safety at your cities Safety Day, take an example from Atlanta and educate the people on how to safely use a fire hose.

There are a lot of things you can do, here a volunteer shows a local how to use for a game! A game? Aim, Shoot and use the line to score! What a fun and entertaining way.

Spc. Brian Fike, a firefighter with 63rd Ordnance Battalion, teaches Juan Pablo, 9. Pablo was one of over 100 children of Soldiers assigned to 593rd Sustainment Brigade participating in a Kids Boot Camp. What a lucky kid, a day of bootcamp training? He is preparing to save the protect the world!

Look at this guy ! He looks like a professional sprayer, perhaps a future firefighter?

Putting out a fire is a rough job! Luckily these firefighters have some help holding the hose. That line looks like it is about the same size as that kid, he must be awfully strong to help assist with lifting!

Look at all these cute kids, learning  at a Texas Fire Department. They look like they have a handle on that, what do you think? Has your child ever learned how to use a fire hose at a local fire department? Share your story in the comments. 

Look at how excited this elementary school student Molly is! Can you believe that this adorable girl was able to spray? Look at that pressure! Molly’s expression says it all.

Your bonus kids photo of the day:

Even at the height of the depression, children in Minnesota found fun things to do, like the spray.

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