It is hard to decorate, renovate and create a beautiful and unique home. Well guess what, we've got some great ideas! Home Decor! What an awesome, reliable and sturdy way to reuse your used fire hose.

Looking to furnish your porch for the summer? Consider building a pallet bench. It's sustainable, it's sturdy and it looks pretty awesome. Your basic tools are some old hose, pallets, hammer, nails, brushes, saw, table horse, tape measure, extra lumber, paint and anything else that might make this process a little bit easier for you.   

Need a coffee table but short on space? Try using this hose reel and creating a table! Perfect size, and great idea. I bet you didn't know what to do with that used hose reel, now you do! Great home décor, space saving and easy to clean!

Every table needs a coaster or placemat. Put your used reel to use and create some. Amazing how easy it is to create eloquent décor. Eloquent? Yep, you read correctly. Fire hose coaster and placemats are fun, unique, eco-friendly and eloquent. Score all around!

It's hard to find a good, reliable sturdy wooden chair. A lot of times it is just more convenient (for the handy folk) to build your own. Don't forget to utilize a used fire hose when building your next chair, it offers plenty of back and butt support. If you use correctly, you can even use some nozzles for cup holders—genius!  

The reel is an awesome solution for those with limited space. But it's not the only solution for those of us who need more room in our house for all of our awesome accessories, or junk. This is a great way of utilizing to make a hand made table. Topped off with beautiful glass. Pretty classy.

Don't forget your favorite plate for the table. A decorated plate. Pretty awesome. 

Need extra lighting? A fire Hose lamp is not something you find in every household, great way to stand out from the crowd!