Fire Hose Fashion!

fashion is the latest way to recycle used fire hose. They are created with solid materials that can be utilized to create some awesome fashion. It's a great way to wear eco-friendly clothes and still have reliable and sturdy materials. You can really design whatever you want with hose materials, be creative! 

Here are a few awesome fashion trends circulating right now. 

Fire Hose Jacket

This is a very trendy styled jacket made of linen hose. It's from Isabel Toledo's collection "Fashion from the Inside Out". I really wouldn't imagine that you could associate such a cute, trendy and durable jacket with a used Fire Hose, but you can! For those creative souls out there, try this and share your thoughts with us. 

Fire Hose Pants

With the economy the way it is it's important to have reliable work pants out in the field. These awesome bands are made out of Fire Hose canvas! Perfect for anyone who is in the construction business, a motorcycle rider or a connoisseur of the great out doors. Realy, Fire Hose made pants are great. So get out your sewing kit, get your used Fire Hose materials and get ready to make some of these bad boys. 

Fire Hose Tie

Dressy-casual? Business casual? Smart Casual? Cocktail attire? This tie is the perfect solution for adding some personal style to almost any occasion. You will be the center of attention at any party you walk into when you wear this unique Fire Hose tie. All you need is some rubber (ok maybe there are a few other materials involved) and your artistic side and this bad boy will be yours. 

Fire Hose Belt

Hold onto your pants with this incredible belt. Contribute to a healthy environment when you create eco-friendly clothes! It's perfect for Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son or daughter! Pretty much an awesome belt for anyone who might need help holding their pants up. 

Honorable mention: 

Fire Hose Iphone Holder

This is such an awesome iPhone holder! This is an awesome idea for all those iPhone users out there. Using Fire Hose material to create a unique, durable and reliable holder will help keep your iphone safe. 

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