Test your Fire Hose Knowledge! FAQS

What is a handline nozzle?

  • It is used on hoses ranging from 11/2” to 21/2” lines, usually flow between 90 and 350 gallons per minute

What is a hard suction hose?

  • A fire hose designed to prevent collapse under vacuum conditions so that it can be used for drafting water from below the pump (lakes, rivers, wells, or sea water, etc.)

What is it called when flowing water from a hose is suddenly stopped and the force of the moving water is transferred to everything it is in contact with? 

  • A Water Hammer
What is a fire hose constructed with two layers of woven fibers?
  • Double jacket hose.

What are the attachments to the discharge end of attack hose that create water streams and direction called?

  • Nozzles.

What is used to join two male couplings?

  •  Double-female adaptor.

What is a device placed in the hose line that draws foam concentrate from a container and introduces it into the fire stream called? 

  • Foam eductor.

What is a device that allows two fire hoses to be connected together and flow into a single hose called?

  •  Siamese.

What is a valved device that splits a single fire hose into two separate lines, allowing each hose to be turned on and off independently called?

  •  Gated wye.

What is a fire hose in the 1’ to 2” range?

  •  Small Diameter Hose (SDH).

What is a loading method that utilizes folding the fire hose back onto itself to reduce the overall length to one-third before loading in the bed called? Hint: This load method reduces deployment distances

  •  Triple layer load.

What is a bed arranged such that a 1” –long supply line can be laid out, or two supply lines can be laid out?

  •  Split Fire Hose bed.

What is the hose used to deliver water from a source to a fire pump?

  •  Supply Fire hose (supply line).

What is a adapter that is equipped with two male connectors called? Hint: It allows two hoses with female couplings to be connected together. 

  • Double male connection.

What is the physical science of how water flows through a pipe or fire hose?

  • Fire hydraulics.

What is a condition that can occur on a fire hose if it is stored wet called? Hint: It can damage the jacket of a hose. 

  •  Mildew.

What is a fire hose of 2 1/2” or 3” size called?

  •  Medium diameter hose (MDH).

What is the reduction in pressure due to the water being in contact with the side of the hosecalled? Hint: This contact requires force to overcome the drag the wall it creates.

  •  Friction loss.

 What is a fire hose in the 4” , 5”, and 6” range called?

  •  Large Diameter Hose (LDH).

What is a term used for a short fold placed in a hose when loading it into the bed called? Hint: This fold prevents the coupling from turning in the hose bed.

  •  Dutchman.

What is a fire hose adapter that is equipped with two female connectors called? Hint: It allows two hoses with male couplings to be connected together

  •  Double female connection.

What is used on fire hoses ranging from 11/2” to 21/2” lines, usually flow between 90 and 350 galons per minute called? 

  • Handline nozzles.

What is a large diameter hose that is designed to be connected to the large port on a hydrant (steamer connection) and into the engine called?

  • Soft suction hose.

What is used to join two female couplings called? 

  •  Double-male adaptor.

What is a fitting on threaded couplings that aid in coupling called? Hint: Rubber-covered  (rubber-jacket Fire Hose)

  • Rocker lug (rocker pins).

What is a device used to split a single into two separate lines called?

  • Wye.

What is a device placed at the end  that separates water into fine droplets to aid in heat absorption?

  •  Fog stream nozzle.

What is a device that is placed on the edge of a roof and is used to protect a fire hose as it is hoisted up and over the roof edge?

  • Fire Hose roller.

What is a coupling that has the property of being both the male and female coupling called? Hint: It is connected by engaging the lugs and turning the coupling a one-third turn: 

  • Storz-type coupling

What is a type of wrench used in coupling or uncoupling by turning the rocker lugs in the connections?

  •  Spanner wrench.

What is a method of putting a fire hose on a vehicle in which it  is laid flat and stacked on of top the previous section called?

  •  Flat hose load.

What is a device used to compress to stop water flow called?

  • Hose clamp.

What is any device used in conjunction for the purpose of delivering water called?

  •  Hose appliance.

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