Hose workouts: Not just for Firefighters

This day and age it's hard to find a good work out that is really challenging, AND that keeps your creative juices flowing. No one who REALLY likes a good work out can do the same routine all the time because eventually you will outgrow it and want a new challenge. Look no further.

When people think about a Fire Hose, a good healthy work out is typically the last thing we're thinking about. More likely we are thinking about fires, water, hydrants, smokes, toxins and a million other thoughts in regards to the dangers of putting out a fire, but not necessarily the strength it takes to carry those. Don't get me wrong, when a fire hits, people are always admiring the strength and courage of a firefighter, but rarely do we analyze the techniques of how they have become that strong.

It's time to re-evaluate! Especially for those of you looking for a great opportunity to work your muscles. Burn baby burn. Fire Hose workouts are a great activity for your whole body. It works to rotate muscles (arm, leg, back muscles) but also helps with your grip. Whew! Perfect workout for someone sick of an average day at a boring old gym. Drop the membership, pick up the Hose

Bent Pull Through Workout:

This is a great workout that requires trainee to be in a bent over position. You want to figure out a set number of times you are going to want to run through this routine, or at least an end time for how long you want to continue this routine for. Set that time up from the beginning.

You want to begin with your legs moved a little further then a shoulder width apart, you then proceed to use a hand over hand technique, pulling the Fire Hose through your legs. After you reach the end of the Hose you pick up the end and run it back down until the fire hose is re-stretched and then begin again.

Reverse Standing Overhead Extension

This is a great work out for those interested in on focusing on ones shoulders and triceps. You will want to face away from the opposing end and using an overhead motion, extend your arms one at a time to simulate the triceps extension. When you have reached the end  and it is just in a pile at your feet, pick up the loose hose and run it back to the starting position. Proceed with workout again and follow through until you have reached your desired number of Extensions or hit the time allowance you set for yourself.

One Arm Grab and Snatch

The arm grab and snatch work out helps specifically with abdominal muscles. You can feel it during the rotational movement of the workouts, including arm, shoulder girdle and trapezius muscles.

Standing sideways to the hose you will bend at the waist and grab it across your body, rotating the core and extending the work out arm above shoulder height. Like previous work outs, repeat the workout until the Fire Hose is all done and run it back and repeat using the OPPOSITE arm. Rotate until desired time set.

These are just a few samples of what you can do with your body. Explore Fire Hose work outs and share with us if you find any good ones! 

Only you know your own strength when using a Fire Hose, this is a suggestive workout only and may need to be altered to specific body and weight types. 

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