Fire Hose Accidents Caught On Camera!

Be careful when using your line, below are a list of incidents that you should be wary of! 
Enjoy the clips accompanied with each incident. Treat your fire hose carefully, be safe at all times to help avoid incidents. The loose lines can be dangerous, despite it's notorious reputation for being a firefighters “right of passage”. 

Funny firefighter in training: 

1. Do not walk backwards with your hose ! You might find yourself falling over, whoops.

Loose Fire Hose:

2. Don't let go! You might end up loosing control. I wasn't aware that firefighters specialized in breakdance routines with their hose! Do they teach that at training?

Firefighter oops!

3. When putting out a fire with, remember to only get the fire. See what happens when firefighters lose control and spray bystanders. Luckily, these brave firefighters were able to get things under control.

Firefighters catching a loose fire hose

4. What happens when not just one gets loose but two get loose? Watch as these firefighters attempt to rescue these, well until one lets go and they have to start over. Phew! We are glad that they eventually got a hold of those.

Firefighter lets go! Uh-Oh

5. Watch out! This firefighter gets flipped in the air after the line he is attempting to grab splits in half. Have you ever seenthis? In some cases is more dangerous then a fire, know your safety and always keep your eyes open for the unpredictable situations like this.

Car fire close call--overpressure

6. Lines are greatly affected by water pressure, well there must be too much pressure on this! Luckily the hose was able to be controlled, phew. Remember to check out our Do's and Don'ts to help avoid these situations. 

Gets away!

7. This hose gets away from firefighter while fighting a school fire in New Orleans. Those are some strong lines.

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