Top 10 funny photos!

We know that when it's time to put out a fire, you often have to get creative. Have you ever seen a fire hose through a car though? What an interesting way to get to the hydrant.

Funny photo # 1:

Funny photo # 2:

While it may be too early to pick out a halloween costumer, it's festival season! We know people are always looking for creative costumes for festivals, or summer parties. Check out this costume! Funny or inappropriate? This costume puts a whole new spin. Let us know where you wear this costume.

Funny photo # 3:

What a cool fire department! They are letting loose on a bunch of little kids. Luckily, these fire men have the line under control. Nothing feels better on a hot summer day then a little water!

Funny photo # 4:

Let's hope this isn't your local fire department that is driving around on this. Truck fail is right! Those fire hoses are everywhere. Personally, it's a good idea to make sure you have secured all your equipment.

Funny photo # 5:

On a hot summer day, you might find yourself lucky if you're near a firefighter with. This lucky bystander gets it to the face! It looks refreshing. Have you ever had one go off in your face? What's your initial reaction?

Funny photo # 6:

This picture isn't funny, but how precious is it to see this sweet little girl. It's good to educate children at an early age about fire safety.

Funny photo # 7:

Lugging around all day and all night must be exhausting for a firefighter. So much so that this firefighter relaxes with his chair while putting out a fire! No big deal, putting out a fire, relaxing... all in a days work right?

Funny photo # 8:

Even Colchester Zoo's tigers enjoy playing with redundant. How can you not enjoy playing with these? Since a hose is made to be tough and durable, it is is ideal for a tiger to play with. What a great way to recycle.

Funny photo # 9:

What a cute little boy! Using one at an open house. Look how excited he is to use a hose! Such a funny expression. After using this, this is sure to be the next generation of firefighters.

Last but not least... funny photo # 10!

Have you ever been out and about and just need to quench your thirst and not had a sufficient water bottle? Well check out this dude who utilizes the water. That pressure coming from the line looks a little intense. Would you try to sip water from that?

As good extra measure I included a bonus Funny photo!! Here is your lucky extra photo:

Remember folks, even the professionals have a hard time so be careful! Don't let it knock you out.  

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